Help Disable Windows 10 Tablet Mode and Cortana to Integrate IoT Devices

1. Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update to Enable Cortana to Integrate IoT Devices


With launching Cortana onto the Windows 10 PC in August this year, Microsoft had indicated towards some big surprises for the users in days to come - and recently, the manufacturer has announced to take the personal digital assistant Cortana to the next level by integrating it with IoT devices. The devices that are based on Windows 10 IoT Core platform will be quite able to use the assistant once after the update is released. If you can envision the benefits of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update for IoT devices, even your fridge or TV might be handled through the Cortana.


It really appears to be amazing to have IoT devices with Cortana, taking control over the entire all the Windows 10 IoT Core-enabled devices across the room. In addition to it, Microsoft is also going to bring in two key features into its Creator Update termed as “Wake on Voice from Modern Standby” and “Far-field Voice” support. Both the features are going to be cool as the former one is designed to enable Cortana to turn on devices that are turned off, and the later one will allow the users command their Cortana from far-flung - up to 4 meters. Read more at


2. Get Tablet Mode Disabled on Windows 10 PC through The Following Tips


Occasionally, Windows 10 users come across some unusual things - some of them may carry a threat to the PC, and some of the things may be bizarre instead of having troubles for the computer system. And getting every application all over the computer display in a full screen is somehow one of the most experienced unusual things with Windows 10 PC.


If you start your computer system and you find all the applications scattered on the screen, you should never get worried in any manner in such conditions. Windows 10 allows you to make a tweak in the Windows 10 Action center and get the things properly in accordance with your preferences. Though it’s no longer a technical problem, rather it is caused by improper setup configured at the moment when you had installed Windows 10. Read more at


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