Power Shell Gets Corrupted after Windows 10 Anniversary Update: What’s Next?

Once again Microsoft gives another ground to its customers not to go for frequent Windows 10 update. The latest update has been rolled out very recently, and before the developer could start taking credit for the update, a number of users reported that the mega cumulative update was causing their computer system to run slowly. According to the experts, due to this cumulative updates, Power Shell and scripting language got damaged.Microsoft-Windows-Support.com


Though it’s an Anniversary Update and every Windows 10 device is required to have the update installed, there is probably no any way-out for the users until any patch is released from the developer, except approaching to experienced technicians for a quick and quality  Windows help USA.  


As some independent technicians are offering their expertise to help you get rid of the issues in a real time, you don’t need to wait for any technical updates from the official center.


As the 3rd party technicians are best known for offering quality and prompt support for all types of issues, you can reliably go for the option in case of any technical issues. With their certified and quality  Windows help desk services, it is certainly no longer to have the issue with your Windows 10.


Although Microsoft is also looking into the issues, but it may take some time to release any security patch. Keeping in mind your important day-today task, it is always required to get the quickest customer support service for Windows 10 OS so that you can resume your work shortly. http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/windows-support-phone-number


Above all issues reported by the users, there are some wonders that the developer highlights in its blog. Let’s have a glance at the benefits that you are going to avail after installing the Anniversary Update.


Here are the key attractions:

  1. More Secure:

With the latest Anniversary Update, Microsoft has enhanced its operating system with more sophisticated built-in security features that can help you use the device or your computer system with increased safety. On the other hand, the update will also empower the built-in firewall system to create a reliable shield for your all important data files. http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/windows-technical-support


But it is always necessary to check if the firewall settings do function correctly. Sometimes, some of the applications or tools don’t work properly due to update in default firewall program. In such condition, you should go for a certified tech support service so that you can avoid all types of potential issues successfully.   

  1. Windows Hello:

Now Windows 10 gives a unique way to think about the password that you use for your computer system. With the help of password-free-sign-in facility, your Windows 10 is now more secure and sophisticated with the advanced feature.

  1. Productive with enhanced capabilities:

As Windows 10 is all about giving a new way to your digital assets, it is now more convenient to have your work or job more productive with easy tools and applications.

  1. Enhanced Edge to give better browsing experience:


With the revamped Edge browser, it is now more secure and convenient to browse the internet. On the other hand, Microsoft has also repaired some of the flaws that were allowing adware programs to invade your web browser. But it all requires a custom set up through certified or recommended procedures. What you should do is approaching a right technician and getting the best support service for Windows 10 operating system.    

  1. Cortana personal digital assistant:


Not to mention the benefits of personal digital assistant, Cortana is now more revamped with advanced capabilities. You can use your personal assistant in a more sophisticated manner.   


So if you have got the update (it’s an obligatory one and you cannot ignore the update) and your computer system has developed some sorts of technical problems, you should never get worried. There are some options that you can approach to get instant solution.


Why 3rd party tech support services?


That’s really an interesting question – why a user should opt out official help over a third party customer support service provider. It is quite simple and understandable. When your computer system stops working immediately and your confused what to do – you have only one thing running on your mind and it is “how to get the problem resolved immediately.” And this is the reason why independent technicians are appreciated globally. Intelli Atlas is one such brand offering great Windows 10 tech customer service USA to customers worldwide through core competent expert team.

Being a well-recognized independent certified technician for Windows 10 OS, we have a team of experts having contemporary techniques and tools. With our long years of working experience, we always meet our customers’ requirements by providing them with the best support service. On the other hand, we do also keep following up to check if the repaired OS is working properly. http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/microsoft-support-phone-number


It’s worthwhile to select a right technician before your computer system develops any additional issues. No matter what has plagued your PC, simply dial the customer support phone number and get an instant solution at affordable cost.      

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