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The Connect application in Windows 10 operating system Anniversary Update gives Smartphone users the capability to “cast” their screens to a PC or laptop running Microsoft’s most up-to-date version of its ever-evolving OS. You can call this feature the “poor-man’s Continuum.” But, most prominently, it gives some of the Android users something that has been exclusively controlled to Windows devices. It also gives users the ability to mirror Smartphone and tablet screens to Windows 10. Remarkably, this feature doesn’t work for iOS and the host device must support Miracast. In case you need any sort of technical support, then you can contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas. For this you can also dial Microsoft® Windows 10 technical support telephone number to get help for casting smart phone screen to with Windows 10 apps from certified technicians.


If you are using the latest Windows 10 OS Anniversary Update, then there is a possibility that you need to manage the new Connect app that Microsoft has incorporated into the platform. That new app exists as a tremendously simple way to hook up the installed PC to other external devices wirelessly, which means that it gives users an incredibly trouble-free and competent way of being able to cast the display of an Android Smartphone or tablet directly to a new window on the PC. For any type of help, you can also take Windows customer support help and get instant help.


Here in this article, you will get complete information about the steps necessary to be able to get an Android device display onto a Windows 10 PC using Connect app. For this, you can visit Microsoft® Windows 10 support website for help on problems with Windows 10 Anniversary’s Connect App and get instant help for the same.


Simply read the given below steps and follow them carefully:


·        First of all on your Android Smartphone or tablet, you can pull down the notification drawer and locate the Cast or Screen Mirroring icon.

·         The Cast interface may in fact show a record of any accessible and existing devices that content can be cast to, but we want to disregard these for now. In that same line, Click on the More Settings button.

·        In the Settings, locate and click on the settings button.

·        Ensure that the Enable wireless display option is checked. This will instantaneously put the Android Smartphone or tablet into discovery mode and permit other devices to find it.

·        After this you can launch the Connect app on your Windows 10 PC.

·         With this Connect app running, the PC should now be detected by the Android Smartphone or tablet.


For more solutions about casting Smartphone screen to PC with Windows 10 Anniversary’s Connect App, you can connect to Intelli Atlas and get instant help from certified technicians.


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