888-606-4841-Fixing an Unresponsive Touch Screen in Windows 8.1

Whether you notice your Windows Touch Screen Laptop, Tablet or your Surface Tablet Touch Screen is not working, you can simply apply these essential tips and see if they help you in fixing the problem of an unresponsive touch screen in Windows 8.1. For this, you can also contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get relevant support for the same. You can also visit Microsoft® Windows technical phone support for help on how to fix an unresponsive touch screen in Windows 8.1 and get customized support from Window technicians in an efficient manner.


Fix Windows 8.1 Touch screen


To fix this unresponsive touch screen in Windows 8.1, you can apply the below-given simple tips:


•    First of all, remove all the grease and dust that accumulate on the screen and can affect its sensors, causing it to be less responsive with the help of a cloth. So if you have a dirty screen, make sure to clean it.

•    You can also use a microfiber cloth usually one comes with your tablet that will clean most of the dirt or debris off the screen but doesn't use too much pressure.

•    For immovable smudges, don’t use harsh products like alcohol or soap, but instead of these you can use the empty spray bottle and fill it with equal parts of distilled water and vinegar and spray the mixture on the cloth and continue to wipe it down. This will definitely clean your unresponsive touch screen.

•    In case you are sure the screen is clean, reboot the device. Restarting your system will definitely   fix your screen, but it’s easy and that’s all it might take to fix it.


If the problem still persists, try updating or reinstalling the drivers. In fact, before doing this, make sure that you have all of the latest Windows updates. For this, you can also dial Microsoft® Windows customer technical support service phone number for premium help from certified Windows 10 technicians and get relevant help from certified Window technicians in an efficient manner.


You can fix the issue by applying these steps:


•    From the Start screen type > go to device manager and expand Human Interface Devices.

•    Find the touch screen driver and right-click and select Update Driver Software.

•    Uninstall the driver, restart your device and the driver will be reinstalled.

If nothing works, then you can dial a toll-free Windows support phone number and get relevant support from Window technicians. You can also try a System Restore or Refresh or Reset PC on your device and see if it helps you. In case you updated Surface Pro from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, a reset will automatically re-install Windows 8, and not Windows 8.1.



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