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Technical support for Windows upgrade has always been in place – be it for Windows 7, 8, or the latest Windows 10 OS. No matter which source you select for getting technical assistance, the session has never been complicated since Windows XP. More interestingly, upgrading to Windows 10 OS is somehow more convenient and simpler as everything gets installed automatically.


In some cases, users have encountered technical hurdles in the course of upgrading the operating system, but it is not permanent by any means. With quick and reliable support from certified technicians, they manage to complete the upgrade session successfully without any technical obstructions.    


As a number of people are found to be nervous and uneasy about upgrading their Windows computer system to the latest operating system,  service support for Microsoft® Windows page help elaborates every aspect very carefully so as to help the users overcome all hurdles easily. It appears to be irrational to upgrade your Windows to the latest edition on your own, as there are so many things that require an expert hand.


For example, what if you lose your family photos? Or, what about important data files that you need a lot? Can you be able to restore them? These are some important questions that genuinely require you to access a certified tech support service for Microsoft Windows 8 or 10, whichever you require.   


On the other side, a user can also access a quick technical support for Windows upgrade easily from some technical service providers who they believe in most.


You should never feel that you need to be with your old Windows; simply dial toll-free Windows 10 upgrade technical help phone number and take an advantage of the expertise rendered to you by expert technicians.


Here are some technical obstructions that may happen while upgrading to Windows 10:


·        Activation issue.

·        Product key is not getting activated.

·        Unable to provide information to “Who Owns this PS.”

·        Technical issues with video, sound, and other driver software programs.

·        Start menu is not working.

·        Programs are disappeared from Start menu.

·        Windows 10 Store doesn’t function properly.

·        Windows Mail is unable to sync the data.

·        Cortana is not functioning properly.

·        Some old issues are also popping up.


As the free upgrade to Windows 10 has expired on July 29, it will now cost the users if they switch over from their old Windows. If we have a glance at some conveniences offered by Microsoft to the users, Windows 8 and 8.1 computer systems have been relieved from a number of procedures, which other Windows users have to go through. For complete offering from Microsoft dial help desk support phone number for Microsoft® Windows  for detailed explanation on latest features in Windows 10.

If you are using Windows 8, you don’t need to have an account; rather it will start the process automatically. If required, you can create a standard account to log into your Windows 10 computer system. It brings a bunch of new applications, including Cortana and Edge web browser, which work perfectly with OneDrive cloud service.


Why third-party technicians are preferred most:


When it comes to accessing a right tech support service for Windows upgrade, third-party technicians emerge as the most preferred one over the official Microsoft support center. It is no wonder to see the independent service providers like Intelli Atlas Inc. having such a splendid trustworthiness with Windows users.


Because of their prompt technical services and result-oriented procedures, users move to third-party technicians to get a real-time solution. Here’s why independent technicians are preferred most:


·        24x7 technical support service

·        Unfailing mechanism to offer support at any point in time

·        Toll free technical support helpline number

·        Experienced technicians with domain expertise

·        Certified solution at the drop of hat

·        No additional layers to pass through while accessing support services

·        No hidden charges


These are some point of attractions that almost every certified service provider abides by. Your solution is just a call away, if you want to reach out to third party technicians. Either, you can also have a chat session with technicians using support chat window – it is probably the best way to get support for small issues, as you will be able to check the progression of ongoing support session.  


In addition to the  help desk  for Microsoft® Windows upgrade help, you can get a real-time problem troubleshooting service for your computer system – whether you are using Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or the latest Windows 10.


Intelli Atlas Inc. is a third-party tech support service provider that offers a real-time support solution to every issue what you may come across right from upgrading to Windows 10 to using its applications and features. The service provider employs a pool of experienced technicians to help you get an exact solution without any delay.


Don’t feel you are no longer able to upgrade your existing operating system – simply access a reliable technician who you trust most and get a real time solution.       

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