888-606-4841-How to Set and Fix Windows 10 Privacy Setting Issues to Stop Ransomware Virus Attack

1.    Windows Ransomware Computer Virus Attack and Remedy


Ransomware is of course one of the most evolving programs in present day that every computer user, excluding cyber criminals, must be thinking about the challenge. And such Windows 10 malicious programs are easily executable on Windows computer systems, just due to its high exposure to malicious programs.


Windows 10 is more susceptible to such malware programs that can potentially plague your computer systems and encrypt the data files to stop your access.   


It is a form of malware that is aimed at invading a particular computer system and taking the entire data files and information hostage by blocking the users’ access to the computer system. To get a quick solution, it will be better if you dial Windows tech support phone number for troubleshooting help on Windows Ransomware computer viruses.


A Windows 10 computer user who comes across such conditions; it gets a Windows 10 Ransomware pop up message on its  computer screen, asking him/her to pay few dollars in order to get the encrypted data files unlocked. And when he/she pays for the same (which is certainly not a way-out), there is no guarantee that the user will get the access. Read more at https://windowsonlinesupport.shutterfly.com/


2.    How to Set Windows 10 Specific Network as Public or Private?


When you connect to a network at the initial time in Windows 10, the network location is mechanically set to Public. It is the safe option as it keeps your computer system invisible on the network. In earlier versions of Windows OS, like Windows 7 had the choice to set a definite network to be as Private or Public. If you wish to discover other devices, PC, or any other content available on your network, then you need to set it as Private and in case you don't wish to, switch its location to Public. On the other hand, in Windows 10, the procedure for setting the network location contains enabling or disabling a setting which is called ‘Make this PC discoverable’. If you want Windows 10 tech support to help set Windows 10 network to "Public" or "Private", then you need to dial Windows support phone number.


The Windows phone number will help you to get linked to an appropriate technical resource from Intelli Atlas. With the help of a certified Windows professional, you can get tech help to set Windows 10 network to Public or Private.


Let’s follow the steps to set Windows 10 specific network as Public or Private:


Step 1: Go to the Settings app

·        In order to change the location which is set for your existing network connection, you need to open the Settings app in Windows 10. For this, you need to click the Start button in Windows 10 and hit or tap Settings.


Step 2: Go to the settings of your active network connection

·        Then, you need to open the settings for the active network connection. Go in the Settings app, hit Network & Internet.

·        If you are connected to a wireless network, you have to press Wi-Fi.

·        Click ‘Advanced options’.

Read more at https://tackk.com/1gzceg


3.    How to fix Windows 10 Privacy Setting Issues


Much talks have been done on the subject of the way how Windows 10 OS gathers your data and send to a common location, although Microsoft claims that the pieces of information collected by Windows 10 OS is all safe and they are removed automatically from the server after every 6 month.

But do you think it is doing nothing to your privacy? Should you not take some corrective measures so as to ensure your privacy in safe against any possible invasion?


Whatever the idea you carry, it is highly imperative to ensure safety to your privacy. And Microsoft contributes towards your will to ensure Windows 10 protection by introducing some options in privacy settings, which allow you to decide which data files to share and which not to be shared. But the problem is that the options are spread all within the computer system – it may take your valuable time to find and tweak them. Read more at http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/windows-10-privacy-settings-tweak-and-fix-issues/



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