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1.    Is Microsoft Creating Demand through Windows 10


World largest Redmond, Washington-based technology giant Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 as a part of the Windows NT family of OS. Microsoft is without doubt, looking at Windows 10 as one of the ‘revolutionary disruptive, innovative’ operating system of the millennium, till the company plans to launch the next version of the OS.


The free upgrade of Windows 10 OS was a first for Microsoft, helping people to upgrade Windows 10 quicker than ever before. And time is running out. The free upgrade offer will end on July 29 this year and company want to make sure that you don’t miss out the chance.

If you are a Windows user and while using the software you experience any issues with the Windows 10, then you can simply dial a toll-free support phone number from Microsoft for Windows 10 and get instant solutions frequently.


Windows continues to dominate the desktop operating system in the market. Still, Windows 10 operating system is a big success for Microsoft. While as Apple had the Macintosh before creating iPhone, in the same way Microsoft, Windows Phone would need the cooperative base of Windows’ desktop importance to make a mark in an industry that is moving from desktops to handheld computers. There are several reasons why Windows 10 is big for Microsoft. Read more at https://www.diigo.com/outliner/b0djy9/888-606-4841-IS-Microsoft-Creating-Demand-through-Windows-10?key=8k196ervei


2.    Microsoft Has Changed Windows 10 Upgrade pop-ups


Microsoft has a new method that can be tried in order to get Windows 10 operating system onto user’s computer, whether you want it or not. If you are a Windows 7 and 8.1 user, then you will be familiar with insistent, seemingly daily popup urging them to "Get Windows 10." Those messages have started taking a more forceful turn.


Instead of simply giving users a choice to install latest Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft now robotically schedules a date and time to update your computer to Windows 10. If users don’t want to update to the latest version of the software or if user wants to change the installation date, then they have to take deliberate action by manually clicking on  a link message, and then choose to rearrange it or cancel it.


If you're still not sure about the Windows 10 upgrade, then feel free to ask questions by dialing a toll-free Microsoft support number for Upgrade help and get instant replies from the certified technicians at a glance.


"We updated Windows 10 to a 'Recommended update for Windows 7 & 8.1 customers whose Windows settings are configured to accept Recommended updates on Thursday, May 12, 2016," said a Microsoft spokeswoman. "We added the additional notification based on user feedback and to ensure customers had an opportunity to change or cancel the schedule for the upgrade to Windows 10,” the Microsoft spokeswoman added. Read more at https://www.rebelmouse.com/windows_support/800-961-1963-microsoft-has-changed-windows-10-upgrade-pop-ups-1892615718.html


3.    Microsoft Improving On Gesture-Based Computer


Microsoft is now towards some new innovation of building Gesture-based Computers. As the name implies Gesture means the ability to recognize and interpret movements of the human body to facilitate interact with and control a computer system without direct physical contact.


With this innovation almost every object you encounter has been designed in such a manner to work with the human hand. For this so much research is being conducted to track hand gestures to create more perceptive computer interfaces. For any type of Microsoft technical support for gesture-based computers, you can dial a toll-free Windows support number and get relevant help from Windows 10 tech experts.


“How do we interact with things in the real world?” asks Jamie Shotton, a Microsoft researcher in the labs at Cambridge, UK. “Well, we pick them up, we touch them with our fingers, we manipulate them. We should be able to do exactly the same thing with virtual objects. We should be able to reach out and touch them.” Read more at http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/microsoft-building-gesture-based-computers/


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