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For a computer geek, reinstalling Windows is a pivotal strategy because a clean copy of the operating system guarantees a successful removal of bloatware, wiping the malware out, and fixing other system problems in an amicable manner. There is a big difference between clean and full reinstallation and resetting of PC option in Windows 10 and 8. In case of resetting, your machine will have built-in options to set your PC back to its factory-default state with some vendor-installed junk. On the other hand, a clean install with the generic Windows installation media comes with no frills. If there are some issues, then Windows 10 support centers, approached via a tech support phone number, can make things happen in your favor.


It is advised that you shouldn’t reinstall Windows regularly but reinstalling Windows may be the right way if your computer is bogged down with a number of issues. For the same purpose, you can visit Windows support web page for help and support on clean reinstallation of Windows 10. Apart from Microsoft support center, taking help from independent tech support companies, like Intelli Atlas, can also help you in a clean reinstallation of Windows 10 through a remote tech support service.


·        Create a custom refresh image (Windows 8 only) through a command-line tool with Windows 8 called recimg. This tool is a great help to create custom recovery images.

·        Download driver for your PC by grabbing the drivers and utilities needed for the hardware of your PC, issued from the manufacturer’s website.

·        Reinstall windows with the help of the disk partitioning options.

·        Insert the installation media tool into your computer’s optical drive or USB port and reboot it. Make sure, your computer should mechanically boot from the detachable media.

·        Download Windows 10 installation media from Microsoft.

·        Make a successful Windows reinstallation with Refresh your PC” and “Reset your PC” features.

·        Go for manufacturer’s recovery partition or discs (Windows 7 or earlier).


These easy ways are best suggestions for having a successful and hassle-free Windows 10 clean reinstallation. If you find any sort of issues while trying these suggestions, just get connected to a Microsoft certified professional, at Intelli Atlas, with a Windows support phone number dial here for Windows installation help and support from certified Windows 10 technicians.



Also remember that reinstalling Windows can also save from getting in touch with a computer infected with malware or other issues caused by software. Also keep in mind that you take back up all of your personal data before actually going for a clean reinstallation process.

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