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1.    Microsoft Edge Gets Power from Windows 10 Anniversary Update


As we all know how every second counts in a battery-powered machine, it is not surprising to see people preferring Microsoft Edge Browser over other web browsers simply because of its power efficiency. Microsoft claims that the Edge is the most power-efficient browser that consumes the least. Visit Windows 10 customer support service page for help on Microsoft Edge browser from certified technicians.


As the users from across the globe are thumbing up for the new browser, you will find so many interesting features in the browser that can help you in your web search. It also allows the users to customize it in accordance with their requirements. With help of a reliable Microsoft Windows 10 Edge support from experienced technicians, you can make it your own. 


To verify the claim, Redmond-Washington-based technology company Microsoft examined the battery efficiency of four popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on four MacBook Surface laptops. Each laptop was streaming high-definition videos on different web browsers – Microsoft Edge emerged as the most power efficient followed by Chrome, Opera, and Firefox respectively.


As the official blog post says, Microsoft Edge has been developed from the ground up to enhance the battery-efficiency and ensure increased battery life, without putting your laptop on any special battery saving mode or tweaking the settings so as to ensure efficiency. What it means that the browser comes with an inherent efficiency. Read more at http://www.scoop.it/t/customer-outlook-support/p/4065588559/2016/06/24/888-606-4841-microsoft-edge-gets-power-from-windows-10-anniversary-update


2.    Customize Windows 10 System Sounds by Editing Registry Files 


It would be a little bit surprising to know that – apart from start menu, logo, icons, and some features – Windows 10 OS brings in some new default sounds. And unlike previous Windows operating system software editions, it doesn’t allow you to turn them off from the control panel. Some sounds for log-on, log-off, and shutdown are not customizable in the way how you have done before.  Visit Windows 10 errors page for troubleshooting steps and help from certified technicians.


But it is possible to customize them if you take the way through Windows Registry files. Though it appears to be unsafe for your crucial company data files, yet you can execute the practice carefully and successfully. If you are a novice user and you want to customize these sounds, you should access a reliable technical support for Windows 10, as a small editing blunder can cause your computer system to fail to reboot and reload the programs.


Based on your requirements, select a Windows 10 help desk technical support service that can help you take the task further with the utmost accuracy.


When you simply open the sound wizard, you find these sounds missing in the list. But they are simply hidden, as you can get them by editing entries in the Windows Registry.


·        Click the Search box visible in the bottom-left corner

·        Type regedit and press enter key

·        Click the application that comes on the desktop after searching regedit

·        Search the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\SystemExit


Read more at http://www.instructables.com/id/888-606-4841-Customize-Windows-10-System-Sounds-by/


3.    Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10


Probably you may be happy with Windows 10 Home, but there are some certain features (not included in the Home edition) that may prompt you to upgrade your Notebook to Windows 10 Professional. Users who own a professional PC, including small businesses and PC fanatics will love the edition because of some impressive features. Dial Microsoft Windows 10 tech support phone number for instant phone support services from certified Windows technicians.


When upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, you will not lose anything from its Home edition, rather it will add up values and sophisticated features to make it worthwhile for a professional.


Here are 5 important reasons that strongly advocate for having a Windows 10 Pro Notebook:


BitLocker – improved encryption:


First of all, it comes bundled with a highly useful feature – BitLocker – that appears to have enhanced encryption to ensure protection to your crucial company data files. It allows the users to encrypt Windows boot and fixed, along with external drives as well. Read more at http://windows10help.support/5-top-reasons-to-buy-windows-10-professional-notebook/


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