888-606-4841-Fix Windows 10 Problems and Protect, Block or Redirect Websites Using Windows Hosts File

1.    Block or Redirect Websites Using Windows Hosts File


The Windows Hosts file is one of the interesting useful windows 10 features that help users to control and map IP addresses. For instance, you can use the hosts file to block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, porn sites, or even redirect one website to another. By editing the Hosts file, Windows can be customized to block or redirect specific websites and even protocols that are used by programs and applications. The HOSTS file is found on every operating system and for Windows 10, it is located at Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ folder, just with the filename as HOSTS without an extension. Read more at http://windowssupport3.livejournal.com/19054.html


2.    Fix Thumbnail Previews Not Showing in Windows 10, 8 Explorer


Thumbnail shows a preview of the folder, files or pictures by which you can easily find what you’re searching for. They are enabled on Windows 8 by default, but if you can’t view thumbnails for files for some reasons, then you can enable them by simply applying the below-listed steps. However, one thing that you have noticed was that every time you view a folder or file containing pictures or videos there only appears the default icon for that file somewhat than a thumbnail preview of the files. Get Windows 10 expert support technician to help you on fixing Windows thumbnail preview problems and errors.




First of all, you should make sure if layout view is set to standard icons at least to verify that the thumbnails are not actually displayed on Windows 8 Explorer by right-clicking on any blank space on Windows Explorer, choose View, and select large icons. Read more at http://472256.wix.com/helpwindowsonline


3.    How to Protect your Windows 10 On PC


If you have recently upgraded your PC to Windows 10 OS, you might be wondering how safe the operating system is. Fortunately, by default, Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7 and other Windows 8.1 operating systems. It has a batch of new and unique security features that help users to block viruses and malware infections. This is especially correct if you are using the newer hardware.


Even though the latest operating system is much secure, there is still something that you can add to it for additional security. In this piece of writing, you will know about various settings in Windows that help you to configure Windows in a much secure manner. While setting up these security features if you confront any type of technical issue, then dialing the toll-free Windows 10 online tech support service phone number is the right choice to go for. Read more at http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/how-to-secure-microsoft-windows-10/



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