800-961-1963-Windows 10 Ads Increases, Windows 10 Cortana Won’t Work,Windows 10 Wi-Fi

1.    Windows 10 to Show More Ads Now


In the upcoming Anniversary date, Microsoft Windows 10 is planning to double the amount of promoted ads in the Start menu in Windows 10 OS. The software maker revealed at its Win HEC conference that the amount of Ads will increase to double in the Anniversary Update. In these Ads, the various apps are promoted typically on new PCs to encourage Windows 10 users to download Store applications.


In Windows 8, the absence of the Start Menu is one of the things people missed the most. With its return in Windows 10, people celebrated the move cheerfully. While users are happy with that the Start Menu returned to Windows 10, the increased volume of advertising apps has undoubtedly left them with mixed feelings. Read more at http://windowssupport3.livejournal.com/16777.html


2.    Microsoft Cortana Won't Work With Third-Party Browser Anymore


Each copy of Windows 10 comes with Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, to help you in every work. By default settings, Cortana directly opens links in the Microsoft Edge browser and performs searches using the Microsoft Bing search engine. Now with the latest update, Microsoft won't let you use Cortana to perform a Google search anymore. While Cortana the virtual assistant is capable of using a third-party search engine on Windows 10, Microsoft announced that the "result is less reliable and predictable." So, to ensure that all works well, the company will only allow Cortana to use and launch the new Edge browser only and find answers via Bing. Read more at http://472256.wix.com/windows10support1


3.    Wi-Fi Password Sharing Feature in Windows 10


Microsoft packed a lot of great security features into Windows 10 but there are some exceptions. Wi-Fi sense has an option to share your internet password with all your contacts automatically. Now the company says it’s removing this Wi-Fi feature in an upcoming update. Some of the users think that password-sharing feature is a time-saver feature, but it could unintentionally reveal your sensitive information with someone you don’t know very well. Microsoft notes that this Wi-Fi Sense option is not much popular among the users, so updating it would be a waste of money and time. However, another Wi-Fi Sense feature that connects your device to active hotspots automatically will remain intact.


This latest update in Windows 10 Insider preview, also offers some impactful improvements to Microsoft’s Edge browser. It includes real-time web notifications from participating websites and swipe navigation for moving back and forward. If you want to know more on Wi-Fi sharing feature visit Windows support website or dial Microsoft support number and get relevant information instantly. Read more at http://customerhelp.support/windows-10-update-removes-wi-fi-sharing-feature/



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