800-961-1963-Microsoft Support for Windows Printing Issues & Windows 8

1.    Windows Web Services Support for Printing Issues


In Windows, printers supporting the Web service print function on the network can be located and installed. To set up a different printer driver in the computer where one has already been installed, you must uninstall the whole package of the currently installed printer driver. For details, refer to Windows support. To use Web service print in Windows, install the printer driver before making it known to the computer with plug and play. Read more at http://windows10support.tumblr.com/post/142831204044/800-961-1963-windows-web-services-support-for


2.    Microsoft Killed Windows 8 Support Services


Microsoft has ended the support for windows 8. It means the US technology company will no longer roll out bugs for the security system. Customers have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to ensure that they are protected and updated with latest operating systems software. These upgrades are free for Window customers. Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8, as well as for older versions of its Internet Explorer web browser, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10. For users, it doesn’t mean that software becomes non-functional, but it will be updated with bug fixes. Microsoft the giant US company addresses the issues with much improved service pack, and explains that its necessary to protect computers from attacks, so “upgrading and staying current is important.”


Microsoft suggests that if you want to use Internet Explorer, then immediately move to the new version i.e. Internet Explorer 11, which offers improved performance, better security, better compatibility, and support for other web standards. This version (Internet Explorer 11) of the web browser will continually receive security patches. If you want any kind of technical support for serious Windows 8 errors, you can simply call on a toll free number Windows help number and get your errors solved instantly. Read more at https://windows10upgradehelp.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/800-961-1963-microsoft-killed-windows-8-support-services/


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