800-961-1963-Cortana Test on Cars and Microsoft defers Windows 10 Update Programs

1.     Windows 10 Defers Windows Update Program by Removing Manual Updates


Windows Update has witnessed so many modifications in recent years especially for the latest OS Windows 10. And this time, Microsoft has made a tweak in its Windows Update Program by disabling manual update option for the latest Windows 10 updates scheduled to come soon. 


However, the people who want to get faster upgrade on their Windows 10 OS will be able to download and install the genuine copy and they will probably have to install performance upgrade on the downloaded copy again after some days so as to explore more fun and exciting features of Windows 10.


As the Microsoft executives recommend, the users can use media creation tool that allows them to get Windows 10 on external drives such as DVD or USB. And thus they can easily upgrade their Windows OS without waiting for Update that is likely to reach the computer system after one or two months. Read more at http://windows10upgradehelp.tumblr.com/post/142779654535/800-961-1963-windows-10-defers-windows-update


2.    Microsoft Testing Cortana in Cars as Virtual Assistant


Cortana is a quick personal assistant feature created by Microsoft. Microsoft is experimenting with in-car technology that will let drivers interrelate with its voice assistant Cortana. This news was made confirmed by English daily Taipei Times. The leading technology giant Microsoft developed a connected car prototype with a display that projects on windshield and uses Cortana for voice control.


Microsoft is playing with its car technology that will assist drivers by interacting with them through its assistant: Cortana. If users adopt Cortana as an assistant for their car, it would give Microsoft a foothold in the area where Google and Apple both are trying to dominate with their relevant products. Apple also has launched its car play and Android auto for your cars entertainment system, but ultimately fails to impress the users due to its lack of built-in support. Now, it seems that Microsoft is looking for that built in control system. With the unique features of Cortana integrated with entire car systems, a user will be able to maintain reports, change air conditioning settings, and switch to driving modes also with their voice. Read more at https://windows10upgradehelp.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/800-961-1963-microsoft-testing-cortana-in-cars-as-virtual-assistant/


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