800-961-1963-Windows 10 Free and Unwanted Upgrades Causes Slow Windows PC Sales & Unwary Customers

1.    Windows 10 Free Upgrades Leads to Slow Windows 10 PC Sales


Sluggish Windows 10 PC Sales has been matter of concern in the last quarter of 2016.  The industry is expecting a marginal increase in PC sales following the recent release of Windows 10. But it also seems hard to do as the factors of economic uncertainty and a lack of new devices indicate to the rising rate of PC upgrades by businesses. This unexpected change in the multi-year slouch in PC sales is least likely to happen until 2017. The same was predicted by an updated forecast from analyst house Gartner. Gartner expects the sales of PC will "bottom out" in 2016 as shipments are expected to fall to 284 million. A decline of 1.5 percent year on year is possible as manufacturers have failed to release Windows 10 PCs with smart and persuasive new features, including thin tablet/PC convertibles. Read more at http://articles.bitech.us/800-961-1963-windows-10-free-upgrades-leads-to-slow-windows-10-pc-sales/


2.   Windows 10 Unwanted Upgrades Causing Unwary Customers


In line with Microsoft’s objective to take its Windows 10 to one billion devices by 2018, it has been releasing updates every so often for the OS since the time when users reported technical problems. And recently, Microsoft has addressed a common issue – known as Forceful Updates for Windows 10. There have been major complaints from users about Windows 10’s automatic updates. Microsoft has introduced new updates to address a common issue that all the Windows users had reported forceful update on their computer system.


Mary Jo Foley said on ZDNet that Windows 7 & 8 users have come across with automatic upgrade to Windows 10. On their screen the pop up message come to upgrade to Windows 10. A scheduled pop-up flashes on their screen to upgrade their system but when users try to refuse the upgrade, then they are unable to cancel the upgrade. If you are searching for technical solutions for Windows 10 technical support to small businesses, then you should contact to certified expert technicians. Read more at https://www.diigo.com/outliner/a35iav/800-961-1963-Windows-10-Unwanted-Upgrades-Causing-Unwary-Customers?key=i019o7lgkg


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