800-961-1963 - Automatic Upgrade Windows 10 and Invitation to Serious New Problems

Leading technology giant Microsoft has declared that the latest version of its OS Windows 10 will start its installation on Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs automatically. With the circulation of this news, existing Windows users will be able to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 with default Windows Update settings. The new move from Microsoft is being seen as the most aggressive measure to accomplish its target of one billion Windows 10 installations by 2017.


It is reported that Microsoft is seriously cancelling and downgrading Microsoft Windows Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 on new Intel, AMD and Qualcomm chipsets. Now, it is expected that options of hardware restrictions and automated Windows 10 installations will make things quite tough for existing users of Window 7 and 8. Such users of older Windows version needn’t go hopeless as  Windows 10 Upgrade Help Service will make things quite easy for all. Automatic upgrade is a big news for the lovers of Windows 10, but one who is not interested in switching over to the latest version of OS can easily suspend the automatic Windows 10 installation on their computers. The very best thing they can do is to change Windows Update security settings.


Windows users who have installed new upgrade may face new problems that are serious and compel users to look for  Windows 10 Technical Support Service from reliable resources. This time the controversial automatic update system KB3074681 is to be blamed for the issues that one experiences while upgrading their system. KB3074681 misses detailed information and has been termed as a ‘security’ patch which gets installed without any warning issued to Windows 10 versions including Home, Pro and Enterprise. Then, it causes Windows Explorer to crash instantly. So, Windows users need to prevent the KB3074681 bug problems with mandatory update policy of Windows 10.


Intelli Atlas Inc comes to the rescue of the Windows users who are under panic after discontinuance of Microsoft Windows Support and are facing several issues with reference to the upgrade of the latest version of Windows. With a team of certified Microsoft experts and technicians, the independent tech support provider resolves all issues concerned with the set up, installation, upgrade, and configuration issues of Windows 10. Distressed users of the latest version can try  Windows 10 Support Service Phone Number +1-800-961-1963 to prevent the KB3074681 bug problems in their systems and get the best out of their Windows 10 version in a cost-effective manner. 

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