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Microsoft’s Surface tablets are getting introduced to a new concept ‘Surfacegate’ which is directly associated with an issue with malfunctioning tablets—Surface Book and Surface Pro. Both the versions have various reporting issues, including flickering screens, battery exhaust, and general fickleness for usual tasks. Interestingly, a Microsoft spokesperson has already addressed Surface issues as a top priority, but many people are still searching to and fro to get rights solutions and have compared these issues with the iPhone 4.


It is said that Microsoft being a software company makes the hardware play a second fiddle. Interestingly, new release Windows 10 by the technology giant has not experienced any major issue in terms of security or reliability so far and it is because the company is good at it. Owing to the availability of  Microsoft Customer Support and Help, Windows users are getting the best output from their devices. Making hardware is always a tough job until you are Apple. That is why iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs are first choice of all for hardware aesthetic. It is unjust to blame Microsoft’s Surface, but issues are systematic.


It is reported that Microsoft earned it highest ever revenue $1.4 billion from Surface in the last quarter. It also indicates that the Surface is going to be a serious business within the company. Over the last 5 years, the laptop has created a niche in the competitive market and has evolved from a small-time player to a market dominating product. Surprisingly, Microsoft surface has attracted Apple to follow some trends with its 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Even, the iPad Pro is least like to offer a bad experience than a Surface. Yet, there are trends that buyers who spend more than $1,000 would like to work with his laptop all the time. With a  Windows Customer Phone Support Number, Surface users can solve their issues instantly.


Some major issues have been found with Surface Pro 4 as it broke consistently due to some reliability issues. It is known that Surface is the most expensive and visible Windows device from Microsoft which has been designed to make all hardcore Microsoft fans happy. Pairing hardware and software components to offer the best product has been a big challenge for other players also which include Google


It is obvious that Microsoft is working hard to fix all visible hardware and software issues. Yet, Microsoft customer support is there to make things happen for the users of Surface. An independent tech support company like Intelli Altas Inc. offers its 3rd party tech support services, products and brands for Microsoft so that users of Surface can get flawless Microsoft Windows Support. With its  Windows Tech Support Number +1-800-961-1963, the company treats Surface users as a king and listen them patiently before offering them their choice solutions. 

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