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Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is out in the market and it has unique features and specifications that keep the new OS ahead of all and make a perfect balance between different consumer demands. The productive OS is ready to stun all with a Start menu, virtual desktops, and the Charms bar. Below-given are some of the core features of the OS that seem to poise touch, mouse and keyboard keeping users in touch completely.


Start menu: Yes, it is available by default if you use the latest version with a keyboard and mouse. With the full-screen Start screen option, the Start menu allows you to pin Live Tiles in multiple sizes and list of pinned and recent apps with the search box (having all Windows 8 features) and jump lists for files. Moreover, you can resize the start menu according to your changing needs.


Snaps, apps and virtual desktops: These new options let you snap many apps, one in each corner. Now, thumbnails will help you pick your choice app you want to snap without rearranging things. The Windows-Tab keyboard shortcut gives a view which as same as Alt-Tab for adding a virtual desktop. In the taskbar, an open app not visible in the current desktop will be shown underlined and it will take you to the desktop if you click the icon.


Charms: Yes, the new version has a Charms bar which you get while swiping the edge of a touchscreen. Surprisingly, users of the Windows-C keyboard shortcut will not be able to see this bar. The bar has 3 dots to offer you extra commands—App Commands; Play, Print and Project commands, and running the app Full Screen.


Command prompt: It lets you run scripts and batch files.  It has a powerful PowerShell automation system with a new command line to select a line or a word to copy and paste text at a time.


Although Microsoft Windows 10 has everything for all matching their needs, yet the feature rich software is also prone to various unexpected errors. Following are some surprising Windows 10 issues you can experience while using the latest version of the OS. These include: Sound woes, missing browser graphics, choppy videos, buggy software, touchpad troubles, trapped in reboot loop, no sign of Windows 10 upgrade, default apps changing, and bad installation update.


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