800-254-870 - Australia Welcomes Cortana for Windows® 10 Customers

Leading technology giant Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of its clever personal digital assistant Cortana on Windows 10 devices in Australia. Cortana will help Aussies find things on their PC, administer their calendar, track packages, search files, chat with them, and tell jokes. This way, Cortana is going to make Aussies digital experience more personalized.


Microsoft's Cortana will respond to Aussies in their speech patterns and individual preferences. It will also answer questions and offer information from emails, calendar entries and Internet as well. Now, Aussies can ask sing a song, tell a joke, show the latest cricket scores, etc. in a distinctly Australian style. Now, Cortana is officially coming to all Windows 10 users in Australia with content and speech localized to suit the region. Get more information from Microsoft page for cortana http://customerhelp.support/cortana-help-cortana-windows-10/

"Designing an intelligent personal assistant for new markets requires abandoning a 'one-size fits all' approach, instead embracing local culture, humour and points of interest," said Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager for Cortana. "We recognise this in the development of Cortana, so our local teams talk to real users, study the culture and we adjust Cortana's personality accordingly to ensure she is everything Australian's want in a personal assistant," he added.


Interestingly, Microsoft believes that Cortana will know all about indigenous legends, bushrangers and local sports stars along with knowledge of the "rich culture" of Australia. Named after an AI character in Microsoft's "Halo" franchise and voiced by American voice actress Jen Taylor, Cortana will also take on a local accent in Australia, with a voice of Margot Robbie and Melissa George, Hollywood actresses.



With local feeling, Cortana's user interface will collect calendar entries, contact details, Bing search results, and email details to answer the questions. According to Microsoft, "the more you use Cortana, the more personalised your experience will be." as it learns your natural language patterns, your interests and your digital schedule. In Australia, Cortana is already available as part of  Upgrade Help for Microsoft Windows 10 and  Microsoft Windows 10 Help users can get Cortana services by refreshing according to your Windows Update Settings.

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