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Leading technology large Microsoft has restored access to Windows® 10's November upgrade from it's download center. The organization also agreed which a bug was responsible for Windows® 10 up grade stoppage in November 2015. "Recently we learned of issue that can have impacted an extremely small number of people who had already installed Windows® 10 in addition to applied the November update, " says a Microsoft spokesman. "It will not impact future installs with the November update, and that is available today, ” he or she added. In the mean time Microsoft company will address all Windows® 10 technical troubles or issues through  Windows® 10 Support Service Upgrade Center.

Microsoft had taken away the upgrade from your download website in addition to stopped serving it to Windows® 10 customers via Windows® Replace in November. To correct major tech related issues of Windows® 10 OS, Microsoft has established dedicated  Help Phone Number for Windows® 10 . According to reliable resources from your company, the upgrade had reverted four preferences inside the operating system on the original "on" default configurations. "We will regain their settings in the coming days in addition to we apologize for the inconvenience, " the spokesman also added.

In Windows® 10's level of privacy section, some settings were changed which are related to the user's advertiser ID to get tracked across many apps and an anti-phishing filter and that is used for programs that display Information. It is also associated with synchronized devices that allow various first-party apps to own in the background so as to offer notifications. During the stoppage of updates, Microsoft had offered some information on the settings bug in the support document. It also rolled out a whole new  Cumulative Update Service Help on Windows® 10 .

Once all problems are fixed by Microsoft company, the company restored the upgrade on the download center. It is the place where recent Windows® 10 users can simply generate installation media using the Media Creation Tool (MCT). Basically, it is generate installation media using a USB thumb push. This MCT continues to be used by so as to cut the line for the upgrade which is usually served through the Windows® Update service. It also facilitates users skip the wait as Microsoft company slowly rolls it out.

The MCT was utilized to download the The fall of upgrade which Microsoft company identifies as both equally 1511 and assemble 10586. It is meant that the blunder using the November upgrade may emerge as being a setback for Microsoft's strategy to woo customers.

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