888-606-4841-How To Fix “Blue Screen Of Death” (BSOD) Issue In Windows 10? Get Windows 10 Help

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888-606-4841-Fix Cortana Issues And Make It Your Own

If you are still struggling with the Cortana on your Windows 10 PC, then it’s time to contact a reliable technician and fix the issue immediately. Visit http://microsoft-windows-support.com/issues-fixed-taskbar-search-cortana-not-working-in-windows-10 to get rid of the irritating Cortana search not working issue. On the other hand, some other issues like Cortana not working can also be resolved easily without obstacles.


Cortana is an advanced application that helps you find your result instantly. It works on voice recognition technique. But it all works properly only when it does have any technical flaw. To keep Cortana working for always, contact Windows Support to get an experienced technician and ensure a real time resolution for the issue you come across.     



External Links: 888-606-4841-Access Reliable Microsoft Windows Support To Take On Every Windows Issue | http://bit.ly/2cg7azE | https://goo.gl/MbNyX0


Microsoft Support for Windows XP Performance and Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection Issues

1. Windows XP Support to Bolster Windows’ Smooth Performance

Microsoft’s computer operating system Windows XP is still popular amongst a large number of Windows users for individual as well as commercial purposes. Thanks to its imaging highlights; enhanced taskbar and begin menu; propel security framework; remote desktop highlights; and faster sign on, start up, and log off groupings for making it world's second best working framework.

Moreover, general and technical support options from Microsoft keep users feel satisfied when they use Windows-run devices. As official support and security updates for Windows XP has already ended on April 8, 2014, users of the older version may find it hard to have the right guidance and assistance for operating it and solving a number of errors and problems associated with it. Read more at https://storify.com/intelliatlas/windows-xp-supportto-bolster-windows-smooth-perfor

2. How Does Windows 7 Connects to Desktop Remotely?

With the help of remote desktop feature, you are able to take control of other computers. This makes you feel as if you are sitting in front of them. The case with Windows 7 is quite different because you are not able to connect the remote desktop with Windows 7 in an easy manner due to the security settings. You can do it but for this, you have to follow some steps accurately

Permit Connection of remote desktop with firewall in Windows 7: The remote desktop connection can be blocked in Windows 7 firewall by default. To make it sure, you have to go to the control panel. You will see an Allow program option and can click on it. In the public and private networks in Windows 7, remote desktop is enabled. If you want to change options, you press button - Change settings and after that change.

Permit users of remote desktop: It is important that the user name used for connecting Microsoft Windows 7 is in the right access group. The fact is remote desktop users work as per a group policy and permission and by default, remote access group as well as local admin group has the right to connect the remote desktop. Read more at http://www.scoop.it/t/customer-outlook-support/p/4073250603/2016/12/26/how-does-windows-7-connects-to-desktop-remotely

You can find out more important Microsoft Support links on Windows XP and Windows 7 by visiting www.windowshelp.support wherein you get tips and tricks for troubleshooting basic issues to advanced level Windows problems.

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Customization of Windows 10 Action Center and Management of Notification Vanishing

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Generate Windows 10 Battery Report for Enhance Battery Life Using Battery Saver

1. Battery Saver in Windows 10 Enhances Battery Life of Laptop


Battery life is important when you are operating a laptop or notebook on Windows 10. In the Windows 10, you will find a new feature. The name of the feature is battery saver. It is for saving battery consumption. You can visit Microsoft Windows support page or dial Windows 10 tech support phone number to get help on saving battery life of Windows 10 laptops.


You have to open the action center. You can do this by the click of an icon. This icon is on the taskbar. If you want to use Windows shortcut, you have to tap Windows key+A. After this, you can tap or click battery saver quick tile. After the enabling of the battery saver, you will see the emblem on battery notification. After this, you have the choice to customize the defaults to extract most out of it. You have to disable the background activities and take the notifications further. For adjusting it further, you can go to setting>system>battery saver. Read more at http://windows10support.tumblr.com/post/154669609724/battery-saver-in-windows-10-enhances-battery-life


2. How to Generate Battery Report in Windows 10?


Windows 10 is a fine operating system version available in the market today. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation. It has superseded all the older versions of the same operating system in terms of features. When you use Windows 10 on the tablet or laptop, knowing about battery life is one of the important things. You see this thing when you are operating such devices.


In the portable device, you actually do not have enough battery life but for this device, managing battery life is important. For this, you will have to estimate the battery life on the device. In the notification area, you have a battery icon. By this, you will see the percentage of battery left and the estimated time left for you. If it is showing 8 hours for example, it is not exactly that. It depends on the type of operations the person is doing. You can visit page on Microsoft technical support for Windows 10 or Windows 10 support customer service if you are unable to generate battery report in Windows 10. Read more at http://472256.wixsite.com/windows10helpnumber


Learn how to get best battery performance using battery saver in Windows 10 by visiting  www.windows10help.support and the website will get you help in generating reports on battery in Windows 10.


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Windows® 10 Online Support And Troubleshooting Help

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system of its kind in the whole world today. This Windows 10 operating system has become so useful that is now used for small business purposes though it is equally used by home users and individual. If you are already using it or have some plans to get yourself one soon, you can obtain relevant information always related to the same from Microsoft Windows 10 Support. You can also use this website page for obtaining assistance with any kind of issue on Windows 10 that you have been experiencing with it lately.

However, if it is live assistance that you are looking forward to, you will have to look towards other third party companies since Microsoft does not offer any other support mode other than its Windows online free support page. If you wish to avail live help from a reliable support provider with a proven track record, call us up. Our Windows certified team has been handling all kinds of issues related to Windows since many years and thus can easily understand every kind of Windows issue that you are experiencing at the earliest. We also believe in prompt service delivery, and so when you call us up you are not only assured of a certain resolution but you also get to have that while spending least amount of your time on call with us.

Our technical associates can help you out with all kinds of your Windows issues with utmost ease. Some of such issues that are supported by us include:

1.         Problem installing Windows program properly

2.         Incorrect Windows 10 licensing information

3.         Problem copying/moving Windows company data file

4.         Windows unable to create backup file

5.         Problem connecting wi-fi printer or scanner in Windows 10

6.         Some bug that is hampering Windows 10 performance

7.         Problem logging into Windows 10 as admin

8.         Problem setting up networking in Windows 10

9.         Issue with existing security or firewall settings configured in Windows

10.       Some other issue regarding Windows 10 updates

Before you avail assistance from us, please note that there is no linkage between our services and official Windows Online Tech Support Services page. We are also not associated with any other firm that offers support for Windows. Our technical advice on Microsoft Windows 10 is provided based upon the skills of our own technicians and has not been deduced from anywhere else. We also would usually ask you to pay up a nominal fee for obtaining our advice, but you will have to pay that only upon successful resolution of your Windows 10 issue.

You can rely upon our Windows 10 Support Services for successfully dealing with all kinds of your issues with the same because:

1.         Our technical services are accessible 24 hours a day, all through the year

2.         We offer prompt technical advice whenever you are in need of it

3.         You can choose from our array of support plans as per your need

4.         We can also answer your queries about your issue at no additional fee

5.         You can avail benefit of remote access to obtain instant resolution from us

6.         For more details, get in touch with our tech support experts today.

Our First Call Resolution rate is 98%. Contact USA Toll Free Number @ +1-888-846-6939 and ask for FREE 1 Month Online Technical Support on Windows. Get award winning remote technical support assistance from Intelli Atlas and get help on Windows online problems and errors.