Deletion of Program on Windows 8 and using the Narrator on Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is new operating system and one can find it on different gadgets. It is different when we compare it to the old operating systems. You may require the help regarding the deletion of the functions and the un-installation of the programs. You can abide by the simple instructions or have the option to go for the  Microsoft Windows Certified Support from the third party technician who can provide the due guidance because of its skill, certification and the experience. The procedure of the deletion of the programs in Windows 8 is mentioned as under:


 Method 1


Un-installation of the titled programs:


In case, you have the mouse, you can right click on the title:  If you do not carry the mouse, you can touch and hold the tile till the bounce and after this, need to flick it down a bit. Next, you can tap the un-installation button. Now, you can abide by the prompts and it is accomplished.


Method 2


Un-installation of the non-titled programs:

·        Go to the charms menu. Holding the mouse in the bottom right screen corner, you can unlock the charms menu or can do this by the flick of the finger towards the screen center from the off screen located on the right hand side [in case, you possess the tablet].

·        Now, you have to tap on the search icon.

·        Tap on the application button in case the app is not getting displayed in an automatic manner.

·        Wind up towards the right till you witness the Control Panel. You have to tap on the button.

·        Under the heading of the program, you can look at an option named “Uninstall a program”. You can tap on this particular option.

·        Choose the program that you are interested in uninstalling and after this, press Uninstall. Give the response to the prompts and it is accomplished. For further guidance, if required, you can also call on  Windows Certified Technical Support Phone Number of a 3rd party service provider to delete programs from Windows 8.


Method 3


Tile removal:


Choose the particular tile that you want to remove. In case, you are not interested in de-installation of the program but want the tile removal, it is an easy procedure for doing this.  If you possess the mouse, you can right click on the tile that has to be eradicated. If you are not in the possession of the mouse, touch and hold the tile till the bounce and after this, you need to flick down a bit.


·        Now tap “Unpin from start”.

·        Follow prompts and it is accomplished.


Method 4


Un-installation of the programs on phones:


·        From the start menu, you have to flick left for accessing the Apps list.

·        You have to tap and hold the application you wish to remove.

·        You can tap on Uninstall.

·        You can abide by the prompts and it is accomplished. If you feel the end result is not achieved as per your expectation, you have the option to go for  Microsoft Windows Certified Customer Service for live chat support.


Using the narrator on Windows 8.1:


Microsoft has bought the augmented version of the narrator program in Windows 8.1 and this is in fact good news. The narrator program is one of the important features of Windows 8.1. You can explore the uses of the Narrator after enabling the particular program.


If you don’t know the feature much more and you wonder you could possibly not make use of the tool, you should go to a reliable technician and get an accurate Windows 8.1 customer support & help service to explore the feature. 


For enabling the narrator program, you need to commence the Narrator program. One can do this by following the different methods.


·        Type word Narrator. This is located in the Start Screen search box and then from the search results, you can select the Narrator program.

·        You can also commence this program by tapping the Windows and U key in a simultaneous manner.

·        Users can visit the Control panel and after this, tap on the Ease to access icon and further click on Ease to access center.


You have to get accustomed to the basic controls.  You can see some basic controls for the Narrator program that is located on the top of the Welcome screen.


Changing the program settings


Scrutinize the default settings of the narrator. After this, you need to go to the general settings.  This is good place for customization of the narrator program.


·        Read out voiced narrator errors- This option tells program that you are interested in hearing the text of the actual error and the sound that comes out from the Narrator when you make a mistake.

·        Highlight cursor- By this option, you can know the position of the narrator on screen.

·        Play audio cues- By this, the Narrator will play extra sound as you initiate tasks on screen. For any doubt, you can seek Windows 8.1 customer help. You can get the assistance.


This is how you can remove unknown program from Windows 8 and use narrator on Windows 8.1 through the suggested procedure. If you are new to either edition and you are still a little bit confused about the process, you should contact a reliable technician for a flawless and accurate customer help.


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Installation of Windows 10 in the VirtualBox-A beneficial Guidance

Windows 10 is current entry of Microsoft Corporation in the Windows family of operating systems. In the characteristics of Windows 10, one can find different types of design aspects apart from latest notions. The accepted fact as of today is that the operating system Windows 10 is in great demand. The excellent features of this particular operating system lure the people to go for this latest version. However, there are users who have not lost their interest in the earlier releases as well despite the coming of this new one. They want to continue with them also. One can go for the thing called visualization and it is a wonderful alternative to outright the installation of Windows 10 or the new builds allowing the users to go for the new features without any kind of system damage.  If one wants the visualization solution, the use of the VirtualBox is an option and is available without any cost. If required any help, you can go for the  Online Microsoft Windows Technical Support by dialing the free helpline number.


The first thing one has to do is to get the software VirtualBox.  You will have to download and install VirtualBox. You can get the VirtualBox free from the website of the developer. It is advised to go for the accurate version when it comes to the download. After the download of the VirtualBox, you need to install it. In case, you are using the Windows 10, you can double tap the setup file and abide by the prompts for installation. Next, you can commence the program. By the help of VirtualBox, you can manage virtual machines and creating the new ones will not be tough for you.


On the Microsoft’s web page, you will get the Window 10. For the Windows insider program, there is a need for registering or signing in, and by doing this, it will be an easy access to download. Be sure to download it in the iso file format. Next, you have to open the VirtualBox, and after doing this, choose New Machine. You must be in a position to do it after the installation of the VirtualBox and Windows 10.  If you feel need for some further technical guidance, you can dial a  Online Windows Technical Support Phone Number.


Into the text box, you can type Windows 10. You also have the choice to select any other name for this particular operating system depending on your preference. After doing this, you can go to the first scroll menu and then choose Windows. Next, going to the second scroll box also referred as the version box, you can select Windows 10.


Now, you have to select the RAM quantity that you can provide for the machine. This will be asked by the setup wizard. But when it asks for the RAM quantity to be provided to the machine, providing the machine the default quantity of RAM is a good option. Another thing you have to note is that if you have an extra or the limited RAM, then the adjustment of slider is a good option.


Next, the wizard will ask for the virtual hard disc, but you do not have to choose anything in this case. You will have to simply tap on Next. When the wizard questions about the type of virtual hard drive you are interested in, you will have to choose VDI [virtual box disk image]. The VDI needs to be chosen by default. When it is accomplished, you have to select “Next”. Additionally, if you feel so, you can contact the Online Microsoft Windows Customer Support Service for further guidance if necessary.


Now, you have to set the disk space for hard drive.  The wizard will ask for setting the disk space. For this, you have to choose a particular size or the dimension that is dynamically allocated. You can select either of them but the better option is if you go for the fixed size. There are two general advantages of the fixed size. One is the fast operation and other is stability.


Next, choose the size of the disc. The minimum selection is 20 gigabytes but for you it is happiness by the end of the day if the space exceeds least kept limit. After this, select Create. You can select this option as the summary page is displayed. It can take some time. You will have to wait. Next, by opening the VirtualBox, you can launch the virtual machine by clicking on it. There will be the appearance of the dialog box and you have to choose Windows 10 iso format. Finally, for enjoying the cutting edge new operating system, you have to follow the guidance and instructions provided on the screen. Additionally, getting the support for Windows 10 is possible by dialing a toll free number mentioned on official Windows websites.



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Appropriate Tech Support Can Soothe Annoyance against Windows 10 Errors

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Process to Use Windows 10 Efficiently and Support

Windows operating system is used all over the world by billions of people. And presently, the users are getting a first-of-its-class experience with the latest Windows 10 OS on different devices. By this, one can get the new innovative experience because of the advanced technology associated. Windows 10 not only came on PC but it also came on Xbox one and the Windows phone. An important advantage of windows 10 is better synchronization the moment you shift seamlessly on the gadgets having the architecture based on the new universal apps.


Other exciting characteristics associated with the Windows 10 operating system are Action Center, Microsoft edge, Cortana, more of [added] Xbox live features and also the coming back of Start Menu. As per Microsoft, this is an operating system nearing perfection and operates with a fine behavior.


Other benefit is it is a free update. You are fortunate enough to get the  Windows Complete Support in case you need it regarding its operation or the installation or complete understanding. You can access independent services in all conditions – be it technical problem or understanding some key features.


Procedure to use Windows 10:


You have to first of all understand new start menu. On the left side, it will show places displaying the locations in the PC. You open, on a regular basis, the most used Apps. Other are the recently added displaying the new applications. Then it is ALL APPS and this is for viewing all the applications that are installed in device.


You need to make the start menu full screen:


You can find the start menu on the top right corner and further you can see a resize button. Because of this button, the menu can be expanded full screen so that you can witness all displayed applications in an easy manner. Go to the star menu and pin the apps that are in your favorite list. You need to go to the app list and then can make a right click on the apps and further choose Pin to Start. Alternately,  Windows Complete Technical Support can be provided by a reliable independent service provider in case required by the user.


Move the applications around:


In the start menu, you can push the applications around and then transfer them into the folders by hovering and this you need to do till the emergence of a divider bar. After this, you can add the particular name to the folder.


Finding the stuff in an express way-


You can tap on the start and next; enter the item you need to search. The search button is similar to Cortana but one thing is there about Cortana; it can be activated by the help of voice. It makes the use of the same search box. Windows 10 makes the internet search as well as the search of the PC. It does both of these process at one and the same time. For any further enquiry regarding this, you can also make the use of  Windows Complete Help in case you feel so.


On the top right corner of start menu, you can find the onscreen power button because this button has shifted to that point. You also have the option to right click on the start button and after this; can choose the option that is correct. This you have to do from the second to the last option located beneath the context menu/list. This is a temporary fix option in case you have not chosen the Nov 2015 update of Windows 10.


Installation of the applications:


You should have the complete knowledge and understanding of the Windows store. Such an application in the store located on the Windows 10 brings a vivid experience on the gadgets operating on Windows. There are thousands of apps from which you can download. By the end of the day, it is going to lead you to the productiveness.


Using the applications-


You can move to the App list and find the applications or you can trace it under recent in Start menu. Once the application is got, there will be an auto free update for it. You need to multitask with the help of windows 10 and can do this by dragging app to corners or sides. You can also call on Windows 10 customer support helpline number if required. Windows 10 is a powerful operating system and is creating waves all across world because of the features associated with it.


Discovery of the applications:


From the task bar or the start menu, you can open the store and then browse. You can find the applications by the use of search bar or can witness the featured categories. For this, you can have the Microsoft account logged in and account has to be active. The PC should have the present date set.



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Windows 10 Customer Help  - Providing IT Efficiently in Different Manners

Windows 10 is quite powerful and is the new operating system created and developed by Microsoft. One can find this operating system on all whether it is the notebook, the mobile phone or the PC. You cannot deny the problems that can arise with the Windows 10 but in such situation, there is absolutely no need to worry and we are here to provide help in a real time.


Upgrade from 32 bit version to the 64 bit version of Windows 10:


In case, the PC that you are operating has the windows 10 of 32 bit version, then one thing to note is that there can be some benefits related to the productivity that you are missing. You can move to the 64 bit version.  It is true that upgrading Windows 10 pro to Windows 10 home does not come for free but one thing the people are not aware is that when we upgrade from the 32 bit to the 64 bit, it is free of cost as set by the Microsoft corporation.


If you are experiencing the doubt in this matter, then you can go for USA Microsoft Windows Support and your doubt will be cleared by a third party service provider or the expert from the Microsoft Corporation itself.  When we talk about the path of upgrade, it will actually just permit the shift from the qualifying version to an equivalent edition both being on the same architecture.


By the term limit, here we mean that in case the Pc is operating on the 32 bit version of Windows 8.1, when you move for the upgrade, you finally get hooked with 32 bit version of Windows 10 despite the fact that the processor of the computer has the capacity to handle the 64 bit version.  


The solution for this is the clean installation of the operating system and after this, you need to reconfigure the application and the settings completely. If the concept is not clear still in your mind, you can clear the doubt by dialing the  USA Windows 10 Helpline Number and the experts of Microsoft or any third party service provider will guide you in this matter.


You will have to in fact verify whether the computer system that you are using includes 64 bit version.


You need to have the surety regarding the compatibility of the 64 bit windows 10 with your computer:


You can only install the 64 bit version of Windows 10 in your computer if the computer has the capable hardware.  For this, the first thing that you need to do is to verify whether 64 bit processor is associated with your computer or not.  From the setting application, you can get this information.


·        For opening the setting application, you have to make use of the keyboard shortcut Windows key+1.

·        Tap on System.

·         Tap About.

·        Below the System Type, you will witness two types of information. If it is saying 32 bit operating system, x64 based processor, then the meaning is PC is operating 32 bit version of Windows 10 on 64 bit processor. If it is saying 32 bit operating system, x86 based processor, then the computer is not supporting the 64 bit of Windows 10.  If you are facing the doubt still, you can go for the USA Windows Technical Support and the windows 10 expert will surely clear your doubt.


As an alternative, you open the system information so that you can you can collect the information related to the processor.


·        You need to open the start menu for doing search related to the system information and next, you have to press enter.

·        On the right side, just below the system summary, you can search for the System Type. If you witness the x64 based PC, then the computer does not have the capability to operate the Windows 10 of 64 bit version. IF you witness the x86 based computer, then it will be quite difficult for you to install operating system’s other architecture version.


The fact is that the present versions of the PCs operate the windows 10 but if the computer is of the older version, you can still check whether the processor contains the required characteristics or not.  BY the help of the Windows set up wizard, you can test the compatibility of the hardware before the procedure of the installation commences. If the processor does not support the particular features, it will be quite difficult for the Windows 10 to install.  If you want to check whether the computer makes use of these features, you can make use of the command-line tool by the name Coreinfo.  Additionally you can also call windows 10 customer helpline if you feel so.



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Windows® 10 Online Support And Troubleshooting Help

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system of its kind in the whole world today. This Windows 10 operating system has become so useful that is now used for small business purposes though it is equally used by home users and individual. If you are already using it or have some plans to get yourself one soon, you can obtain relevant information always related to the same from Microsoft Windows 10 Support. You can also use this website page for obtaining assistance with any kind of issue on Windows 10 that you have been experiencing with it lately.

However, if it is live assistance that you are looking forward to, you will have to look towards other third party companies since Microsoft does not offer any other support mode other than its Windows online free support page. If you wish to avail live help from a reliable support provider with a proven track record, call us up. Our Windows certified team has been handling all kinds of issues related to Windows since many years and thus can easily understand every kind of Windows issue that you are experiencing at the earliest. We also believe in prompt service delivery, and so when you call us up you are not only assured of a certain resolution but you also get to have that while spending least amount of your time on call with us.

Our technical associates can help you out with all kinds of your Windows issues with utmost ease. Some of such issues that are supported by us include:

1.         Problem installing Windows program properly

2.         Incorrect Windows 10 licensing information

3.         Problem copying/moving Windows company data file

4.         Windows unable to create backup file

5.         Problem connecting wi-fi printer or scanner in Windows 10

6.         Some bug that is hampering Windows 10 performance

7.         Problem logging into Windows 10 as admin

8.         Problem setting up networking in Windows 10

9.         Issue with existing security or firewall settings configured in Windows

10.       Some other issue regarding Windows 10 updates

Before you avail assistance from us, please note that there is no linkage between our services and official Windows Online Tech Support Services page. We are also not associated with any other firm that offers support for Windows. Our technical advice on Microsoft Windows 10 is provided based upon the skills of our own technicians and has not been deduced from anywhere else. We also would usually ask you to pay up a nominal fee for obtaining our advice, but you will have to pay that only upon successful resolution of your Windows 10 issue.

You can rely upon our Windows 10 Support Services for successfully dealing with all kinds of your issues with the same because:

1.         Our technical services are accessible 24 hours a day, all through the year

2.         We offer prompt technical advice whenever you are in need of it

3.         You can choose from our array of support plans as per your need

4.         We can also answer your queries about your issue at no additional fee

5.         You can avail benefit of remote access to obtain instant resolution from us

6.         For more details, get in touch with our tech support experts today.

Our First Call Resolution rate is 98%. Contact USA Toll Free Number @ +1-888-846-6939 and ask for FREE 1 Month Online Technical Support on Windows. Get award winning remote technical support assistance from Intelli Atlas and get help on Windows online problems and errors.