888-606-4841- Let’s Learn how to Set Events & Recurring Events in Calendar App on Windows 10

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888-606-4841- Restoration of TrustedInstaller on Windows 10 & Windows Customer Care

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888-606-4841-Windows 10 Cumulative Update Issue: Here’s the Solution

Microsoft has recently rolled out the latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3194496 to fix some existing technical errors – but something went wrong with the update as a number of Windows 10 users rushed to the support forum and other platform to laud their frustration caused by a new type of technical error after installing the update. http://www.windowshelp.support


It was quite an odd experience, as per the users’ statement, that they see a message after completing the installation: "100 percent complete" and suddenly a new pop up opens up with an error message: "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes." If you are a novice user and you have also unluckily encountered such kind of odd error messages after installing Windows 10 Cumulative updates, it might be a frustrating situation for you.


Luckily, the issue appears to be confined to a comparatively a small part of Windows 10 computer system and other devices.


You are at high risk if you had Insider Program for any updates for your Windows 10 PC. So this is high time for you to be careful and take on the issue with full preparedness. You can learn some effective procedures to fix the problem effectively. It’s quite easy as you need to delve into some folders and Windows Registry to element those files that can create an obstacle.  


But here in this write-up, we will discuss about some effective workarounds that you can apply to get over the technical constraints. Though the  Windows 10 Online Support Phone Service Number page does provide detailed information and solutions over the cumulative update issue, however you can also access to independent technicians if you require an instant solution. They can address all types of constraints easily without eating up your valuable time.  


Here’s how to fix the update issue:


·        Block the updates for the short term


First of all, you should try to block updates on your computer system for a little while. To do so, you need to go to the Hide Update window and look out the option showing the availability of the latest cumulative update. Check the box and finish the wizard.


·        Prepare your computer system to get the update


As the experts have identified, the technical issue is largely prompted by an ambiguous planned task planned to save Xbox Live games. No matter you have played the Xbox Live games or not, the task is in place and it can potentially stop the task with immediate effect. To block the tasks you can go through the following procedures:


·        Go to C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft in File Explorer

·        Remove Delete the entire XblGameSave subfolder.

·        And now go to the Windows Registry and delete “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\XblGameSave”


Once after deleting the folders through the path mentioned above, you can turn on the Windows Update and install the available cumulative update on your Windows 10 computer system.


If you want to check if the update is successfully installed, you can go through Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Update History. It will show you a list of installed updates on your computer system.


In case of any obstacles and you don’t see the result in Update History; you would better contact  Windows Tech Support USA to get an expert on Windows 10 by calling customer service phone number.


It might be an irritating situation for a user as he finds some odd error messages on the computer screen after installing the cumulative update, but it is time to have patience and take a rightful move to get the problem resolved easily. As you can also access to Microsoft Windows support page and other official platform, but it might possibly not be rendered in a real time.


If you want the issue resolved in a real time, you need to contact independent  Windows Customer Service Help center to access a real time solution. It’s quire reliable as the independent service providers do have a pool of certified techies who implement only recommended methodology.      


Cumulative updates have been in place for decades – Microsoft introduces the updates regularly to fix all types of technical problems experienced by the users. It works impressively as long as the security patches themselves are designed to make a change reasonably well. But due to some unfortunate situations, it goes wrong and brings in adverse consequences to the computer system. While Microsoft’s objective is all praiseworthy, introducing security patches and cumulative updates on a regular basis is quietly intended to ensure a better experience.


But due to some technical issues – that might be related to hardware or other software incompatibility issue – users had to undergo unnecessary conditions. Whatever the problem you are experiencing with new update, you don’t need to get worried – you have some good options to reach out to experts and to get the best solution on the dot.



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888-606-4841-How to Upgrade Your Windows 10 PC from a 32-bit to 64-bit Version

The overall efficiency and productivity of a computer system depends on its hardware specifications. If you are quite unable to take a complete benefit of your computer system, then you should first check the hardware specifications if your PC is technically efficient to meet your requirements. The efficiency of processor - whether it is compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system - is somehow the key element that determines how much efficient your PC is.


With the growing requirement of high productive computer system, a number of users are switching over to 64-bit operating system from 32-bit. With quick process and accurate Microsoft Windows technical support services, it’s not a challenging task. It becomes even more convenient, if you want to upgrade your Windows 10 computer system to the 64-bit version.


Why you need to upgrade your 32-bit computer system to 64-bit?


It’s all about the efficiency that every user looks forward to experiencing with their computer system. Windows 10 64-bit computer system allows you to make use of more than 3.75 GB of RAM, which ultimately ensures a faster execution and smoother computing experience. On the other hand, 64-bit operating system requires NX support that is said to be an added protection layer to the processor against possible malware attack.


To learn more about the hardware specifications, you should contact Contact Windows 10 Support Service Phone Number for help and support from Microsoft technical team. On the other side, you can also approach to independent technicians for the same if you need an instant solution.


64-bit compatibility:


Before you start the process, you should first of all check if your computer system is ready to install 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. To check the compatibility, you can go through Settings > System > Update & Security > Activation. Here you can check the hardware compatibility of your computer system.


It opens up a window having information about the hardware specification. If the window displays “32-bit operating system, x86-based processor” it means that your computer system is not technically ready.


In such conditions, you will have to upgrade the processor and other required hardware gears. Here, you need to contact Contact Windows 10 Customer Phone Support to find out accurate solution in a real time.


Ensure 64-bit versions of drivers:


Apart from the basic things, it is also necessary to make sure you have device drivers of 64-bit capabilities. You can never use 32-bit driver software packages on the 64-bit computer system – there may happen some technical obstructions if you don’t have the driver software with compatible capabilities.


Complete backup of your data files:


This is somehow one the most important things that a user should practice before the upgrade process. Through the data files are not interrupted in any conditions, but the experts suggest creating a backup copy of all data files to ensure safety and security.


You would better back up your entire data files on an external drive. And if you use OneDrive for storing data folders, then it’s quite better to take your all files to OneDrive.  


Things to check:


Finally, it comes to ensuring you have done all the pre-upgrade exercise. Before going for the final stage, you can recheck the following things:


·        Make sure your computer system is technically ready

·        Check if the license number is active

·        Check if you have backup copy of all files


Now get ready to start the installation process:


So now your personal computer system is ready to get upgraded to 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. Go to the Microsoft website and download Windows 10 media installation tool. Run the installer tool and follow the on-screen instructions – you see three options: Language, Edition, and Architecture. Fill the options as suggested and then choose custom installation to overwrite your existing 32-bit operating system. Click OK. It will start rebooting your computer system and 64-bit computer system will get installed automatically from the installer. In case of any error you can always  Windows 10 Tech Phone Support for instant troubleshooting from certified technicians.


When the process to reboot ends, it will open up a prompt window asking you to provide the product key. You can overstep the process as you are not installing a fresh copy. It is simply a process to switch over to 64-bit from 32-bit Windows 10.


Once you complete the process, you need to optimize and personalize the settings in accordance with your requirements. On the other hand, you can also restore your preferred settings on the new 64-bit computer system through a reliable Windows tech support service.


As you have seen here, it’s not a challenging task. But you need to be careful always. You should be in touch with an expert so as to get over any unfortunate conditions if you experience due to technical obstacles. Select a reliable technician and ensure a flawless upgrade process with the utmost accuracy.   



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888-606-4841- Windows 10 - The Overview Comprehensive Security Support and Help for Defragging

If you have opted for Windows 10 as an operating system on your PC, you can do great things with the features associated with it. The great features that are associated with the Windows 10 become fully alive when you are using this advanced operating system on the latest gadgets. Yes, the truth is this advanced operating system will not show the compatibility with the PC of the older version.


Giving the more comprehensive security with Windows 10


If the Windows 10 is not showing compatibility with the PC you use, then you can go for the Microsoft® Windows Technical Support Services because as a lay man with no prior knowledge, it is an alternative or if you are already having a solution, then you can probably solve the compatibility issue by self. The reality is Windows 10 is more secure because it is associated with the safer authentication and comprises of the powerful in-built security features.


With the continual updates associated with the Windows 10, it is like a lifetime support for the device. Windows Hello provides you the option of password free sign –in and because of this, the security factor increases as far as the unlocking of the Windows devices are concerned.


Windows 10 provides you the comprehensive protection through the firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing and the defender technologies. All this is a lifetime support for your device and you can get it confirmed, if you do not believe, by going for the  Windows Customer Phone Support Service. Microsoft provides such services for the benefit of the customer. You also have the option to make the productivity double by going for the tools that are more innovative. By such tools, you stay organized and capture various notions that are new to you but can be surely beneficial in the long run.


Going beyond browsing with the help of Windows 10


Microsoft Edge is made for the Windows 10. When it comes to doing the things online, this is more personal and responsive. You have the option to write on the web-pages in a direct manner, mark up sharing as well as using the extensions. You can transform the ideas into motion with the help of Window ink. You can capture the notes and ideas in a natural way and there is no need of getting logged in. Windows 10 is associated with the multi-tasking tools. For knowing more about them with the detailed descriptions to keep in your knowledge, you can also dial the  Microsoft Windows Customer Phone Help Number. Some of the multitasking tools are custom start menu, live tiles, start assistant, task view, virtual desktops and this is for keeping you focused and organized.


Windows 10 -- Best for Gaming


With the help of Windows 10, you have the option to play the Xbox games. DirectX provides the exceptional performance. With the help of Xbox app, you are in touch with the gaming community. By this, you can play anywhere with the help of in-home streaming.


Comprehensive Security Option- an admirable tool


1.     Malware is a big enemy


Windows defender provides the solution for the antivirus security and it also gives the real time protection against the software threats across the areas like web, cloud and email.  Windows defender is a strong wall against the malware. It is not just for the detection of the spyware, malware and the viruses; it is for their removal as well.


2.     Windows firewall


By the help of Windows 10 firewall, there is the protection of the network. By this, the hackers and the malicious data cannot come near the PC. It creates the protection wall between the external world and the PC.


3.     SmartScreen Filter - an online protection


By the help of SmartScreen filter, you get the online protection cover for the Windows, Microsoft Edge and Windows Explorer browsers. By this, you will have the freedom from the harmful downloads and websites. Online protection for the Windows 10 can also be initiated by visiting the Windows Customer Care. http://microsoft-windows-support.com


4.     Windows 10 defrag support


 You computer can slow down because of the file fragmentation.  For this, you can approach the Optimize drives menu. In the Cortana search box, you have to type Defrag.  On the lower left side of the desktop by the side of the search button, you will find Cortana search box. You have to click on the defragment and the optimize drives. By this, the optimize drives dialogue box will be opened.  Log onto www.customerhelp.support/windows-help-and-support If you have not signed in the Administrative account, make a right click. Now, you can highlight the particular drive you are interested in defragging. You can see the present status in the last column for each drive that is listed. This will tell about the fragmentation level of drive.



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Windows® 10 Online Support And Troubleshooting Help

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system of its kind in the whole world today. This Windows 10 operating system has become so useful that is now used for small business purposes though it is equally used by home users and individual. If you are already using it or have some plans to get yourself one soon, you can obtain relevant information always related to the same from Microsoft Windows 10 Support. You can also use this website page for obtaining assistance with any kind of issue on Windows 10 that you have been experiencing with it lately.

However, if it is live assistance that you are looking forward to, you will have to look towards other third party companies since Microsoft does not offer any other support mode other than its Windows online free support page. If you wish to avail live help from a reliable support provider with a proven track record, call us up. Our Windows certified team has been handling all kinds of issues related to Windows since many years and thus can easily understand every kind of Windows issue that you are experiencing at the earliest. We also believe in prompt service delivery, and so when you call us up you are not only assured of a certain resolution but you also get to have that while spending least amount of your time on call with us.

Our technical associates can help you out with all kinds of your Windows issues with utmost ease. Some of such issues that are supported by us include:

1.         Problem installing Windows program properly

2.         Incorrect Windows 10 licensing information

3.         Problem copying/moving Windows company data file

4.         Windows unable to create backup file

5.         Problem connecting wi-fi printer or scanner in Windows 10

6.         Some bug that is hampering Windows 10 performance

7.         Problem logging into Windows 10 as admin

8.         Problem setting up networking in Windows 10

9.         Issue with existing security or firewall settings configured in Windows

10.       Some other issue regarding Windows 10 updates

Before you avail assistance from us, please note that there is no linkage between our services and official Windows Online Tech Support Services page. We are also not associated with any other firm that offers support for Windows. Our technical advice on Microsoft Windows 10 is provided based upon the skills of our own technicians and has not been deduced from anywhere else. We also would usually ask you to pay up a nominal fee for obtaining our advice, but you will have to pay that only upon successful resolution of your Windows 10 issue.

You can rely upon our Windows 10 Support Services for successfully dealing with all kinds of your issues with the same because:

1.         Our technical services are accessible 24 hours a day, all through the year

2.         We offer prompt technical advice whenever you are in need of it

3.         You can choose from our array of support plans as per your need

4.         We can also answer your queries about your issue at no additional fee

5.         You can avail benefit of remote access to obtain instant resolution from us

6.         For more details, get in touch with our tech support experts today.

Our First Call Resolution rate is 98%. Contact USA Toll Free Number @ +1-888-846-6939 and ask for FREE 1 Month Online Technical Support on Windows. Get award winning remote technical support assistance from Intelli Atlas and get help on Windows online problems and errors.